Meltblown non-woven, commonly known as filter paper. The effective melt-blown product is a kind of super-fine fiber non-woven fabric produced with imported melt-blowing die-head and special raw materials and processes. The product is not only as fluffy and soft as common melt-blown products and can absorb oil and filter, but also increases the filtering efficiency of bacteria, reduces breathing resistance, so it is more suitable for fields of work like medical treatment and dusty operations and can satisfy the demand for an effective filter of bacteria and dusts.

*Types: BFE95, BFE99, N95, N99, P1, P2

Standard: 20gsm-60gsm, it can be split and cut randomly within the breadth of 3,200mm



1. Articles of daily use: wiping cloth, dust mask, protective mask

2. Medical treatment and hygiene: surgical operation mask

  3. Industrial supplies: oil absorbing wiping cloth, oil absorbing materials, dust mask, protective mask, filtering materials