Earlier masks were made of 100% cotton absorbent gauze or knitted fabric, which were costly to produce and used repeatedly. With the progress of technology and constant improvement, non-woven mask has been recognized widely by consumers and can be made of corresponding materials according to the field of use.

*Classification & Features

1.Classification :PP non-woven (surface layer)

Features:water repellent and breathable, non-toxic, wear-resistant

--Plane mask usually weighs 20-25g, foldable mask usually weighs 60-100g, all colors can be produced.

2.Classification :Melt-blown non-woven (filter core)

Features:super-fine filter, light and thin

--It can be customized to meet different filtering effect requirements, like ordinary,P1,P2, N95, KN95, BFE99 and PFE99.

3.Classification :Electrostatic cotton nonwoven

Features:absorptive and filtering, soft and feeling good

--In addition to absorption effect, it has enhanced the 3D effect of the mask and highlights its quality.

4.Classification :Hot air nonwoven

Features:soft and breathable, supporting and more solid

--Can be used as a substitute of Electrostatic cotton nonwoven (but without the function of absorption), relatively cheaper.

5.Classification :Activated carbon non-woven 

Features:super-strong in absorption and filter, breathable, odorless

--With a super-strong absorption effect, it can effectively absorb all kinds of industrial waste gases like benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia gas and carbon dioxide.

6.Classification :ES nonwoven

Features:Smooth and free of fluff, hydrophilic

--The surface is flat and smooth, making it more comfortable to fit the face.

7.Classification :Printed non-woven (patterns can be customized)

Features:with bright and gorgeous printing effects, non-toxic and environment-friendly

--All kinds of patterns can be customized for different consumers to increase the added-value of products.


* Structure of foldable mask

1.Effective filter cotton

Static super-fine filter can effectively isolate fine particles and bacteria

Skin-friendly non-woven

Consistent with the new international standard KN95

2.Meltblown nonwoven fabric

Damp-proof, free of toxicity and irritation, soft and skin-friendly

Sterilization level polypropylene non-woven

Effectively checking and isolating harmful bacteria




disposable non-woven mask  △ medical protective mask△:civil industry mask △:mask for children

For the various merits of non-woven fabric, the non-woven masks are highly isolated and breathable



*Quality Standard