Polyester spun-bond non-woven materials: Produced with virgin or recycled polyester chip through processes of melt spinning, high-speed traction and cooling crystalization, the product features a high tenacity, high temperature resistance (above 180), anti-ageing, good stability and breathability. 


Polyester filament yarn PET hot rolling spun-bond non-woven fabric

1. standard:

Maximum breadth after trimming: 3,200 mm, it can be split and cut randomly

Maximum roll package diameter 1000mm

Grammage range20-300g/

Temperature resistance180-250℃Colors: It’s mainly white and other colors can be transferred and printed through dye sublimation and colors are bright and layered.



Wardrobe, storage box, shopping bag , Cable wrap, handbag, flower wrapping, wall decoration fabric, fabric for agricultural harvest, base fabric for high-rank breathable (wet) waterproof materials, filter materials, insulation materials, electrically heated blanket, automotive interiors, car covers