*Spun lace non-woven is made of different raw materials such as adhesive, terylene, bi-component fiber, bamboo fiber and tencel fiber, which can be produced into different products to meet different demands and purposes of the customers.

The process “spun lacing”: High-pressure water flows are shot into the fiber web to make the fibers inter-wined. The originally loose fiber web thus develops a certain strength and a complete structure. Its processes include: measurement and blending of fibers, opening and removing foreign matters, carding with machinery and web forming, fiber mesh wetting, spun lace inter-wining, surface treatment, drying, reeling, test, packaging and warehousing. The spun lacing device uses a fast-flowing high-pressure water flow to shoot into a fiber web so that the fibers are re-structured and inter-wined to a non-woven with a complete structure, a certain strength and other properties. Unlike common needle  non-woven fabrics, this kind of water-needle non-woven is the only non-woven to make the final products similar to textile products whether in feel and property.



Standard: 25gsm-160gsm, maximum width 3,200mm

Spunlace nonwoven fabric
--1. Soft and with an excellent drapability;

--2. With a high strength;

--3. Highly absorptive and quick wetting;

--4. Resistant to fluffing;

--5. Washable;

--6. Free of chemical additives;

--7. Appearing similar to textile products.



Articles of daily use: wiping cloth, wet tissue, compressed towel, facial mask, baby wiping cloth

Medical treatment and hygiene: medical bed sheet, pillow case, tablecloth

Industrial supplies: wiping cloth, interlining, PVC synthetic leather base cloth