In the production of spun-laced non-woven, high-pressure fine water flows are shot to one or several layers of fiber web, to make the fibers inter-wined and make the fiber web solidified to form a certain strength. Several high-pressure fine water flows are shot the fiber web. After the water flows penetrate into the fiber web, they penetrate the fiber web again, bounced from the support of the curtain. As a result, under the force of high-speed water flows from different directions, the fibers are displaced, crossed, inter-wined and combined to solidify the fiber web.


1. Spun-laced non-woven with mesh: Using first-class spun-lacing equipment of Europe and excellent spun-lacing process, fiber web is produced into a fabric with different numbers of meshes. The product features clear mesh, a soft texture, resistance to fluffing, a high dust collection performance and a good moisture absorption performance, which is suitable for wiping in the industries of medical treatment and hygiene. Products of different numbers of mesh can be produced with different materials like adhesive, terylene, bi-component fiber and super-fine fiber to meet different demands and purposes of customers.

Types: spun-laced large-mesh product, spun-laced small-mesh product

Standard: 30gsm-70gsm, maximum breadth 3,200 mm


2.Spun-laced jacquard product: Drum equipment of different patterns and special spun-lacing jacquard process are applied to produce fiber web into products with different patterns on the surface. The product features a nice appearance. Due to the uneven jacquard surface, it has a high friction and dust collection performance. Plus its features like softness and high moisture absorption, it is more suitable for wiping in medical treatment, hygiene and industries. Products with different patterns and performances can be produced with raw materials such as adhesive, terylene, bi-component fiber and super-fine fiber according to the demands of customers.

Types: pearl jacquard (large pearls, small pearls), rhombus jacquard

Standard: 40gsm-120gsm, maximum width 3,200 mm



Articles of daily use: wiping cloth, wet tissue, compressed towel, facial mask, wiping cloth for baby, sanitary towel, diaper fabric

Medical treatment and hygiene: operation towel, gauze

Industrial supplies: wiping cloth, interlining